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Hi all !

I'm 36y old and stopped school at 15y. (...because I wanted to be a organ tuner ;) )

(please forgive my English errors... I'm french ;) )

* In fact, most of my knowledges are almost in self-teaching.

Anyway... Recently I went back to math class (at home) to solve this problem. But sincerely I have doubt there is a simple solution to this. Maybe It's too hard for my level... (or maybe not ;) )

I don't want someone resolve this. I just need orientation to how can I resolve it by myself. (trigonometry ? matrix ? vectors ? maybe with polar coordinates ? I don't know...) the more time I spend on it, the more confused I get.

Please find my drawing in Geogebra calculator here :

I'm searching the calculation to draw the curve taken by the point B by moving the point A.

(just by moving the A point from -95 to +95 on the x-axis)

I can calculate B point by point (because it's just a Pythagorean relation) but I'm searching the equation to draw this kind of ellipse.

Please ask any question If you don't understand what I'm searching (or if my explanation isn't readable. :D )

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