Is there a complete reference manual for the current version?

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I know GeoGebra's wiki with the complete (?) command list of version 5. There 's also a PDF version. Right now, I'm looking for a complete reference manual of version 6:

  • GeoGebra classic and
  • GeoGebra suite.

Do I find these documents online? If not: Are the changes and the new features of the different releases documented systematically?


I'm aware that there are plenty of helpful (video) tutorials. I'm grateful for these files. I really appreiate the work. And I understand why tutorials are preferred. But that 's not, what I'm looking for.

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The Wiki contains all the commands and tools of version 5 and 6. If any command is related just to version 6, and not v.5, this is specified in the Wiki

Maybe some screenshots refer to version 5, when we created it, but the syntax of all commands is precise and applicable in both versions.

The Suite is basically the Classic version "split" in different apps, to give users just the specific tools and commands related to their current task.

Please see also this:


@"Simona Riva" Thank you for your quick and helpful response.

For the readers of this issue: You can find the changelog documentation here:


I was looking for a command that's new in version 6, so I looked up an example using the changelog documentation: RemovableDiscontinuity() is mentioned as new in version 6.0.596.0. I looked it up in the wiki. And I found that it's tagged with the category "Version 5.0". Am I right, that this is a mistake and that the tag should be "Version 6.0"? I think I'll just have to look for an appropriate example.


Comparing the classic version with the suite, I wasn't able to find every menu item. For what I saw, some problems are to be solved in a new manner. For example: In the classic version, there's the "Function Inspector" tool. I can find it in the category "Measurement Tools". In the wiki, it's mentioned as a "Special Object Tool". In the suite, I cannot find the "Function Inspector", but there's the menu item "Special Points" in the input's context menu. -- Don't get me wrong: That's no problem. I appreciate the thoughts you put in the new design. I'm only mentioning it, because it's not obvious to me, which tool is supported in the suite and which tool isn't. --- In addition to my original question, I'm asking:

Is there a way to find out, which tools are supported in the classic version and which tools are supported in the suite? (Tagging it with the appropriate category might be helpful.)

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