Is it possible to use geogebra apps API in materials?

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I have recently completed my first project using geogebra apps API. I'm pretty happy about it.

I have used jsfiddle for the javascript/html5 integration.

I think it would be nice to be able to use the geogebra apps API in geogebra material. I have tried to look into it, with no success.

Was anybody able to do that?

Maybe that is not allowed due to security issues...

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Please explain precisely what you are trying to do


Hi Michael,

and thanks for answering.

I am referring to the possibility of having the javascript in a html page interact with geogebra through geogebra apps API.

My goal is converting "static" textbook exercises into "dynamic" (possibly interactive) web exercises.

So far I was able to do that with a "graph reading" exercise. The idea is that the student is presented with two graphs describing a monochromatic wave, one in the time domain and one in the space domain. The task is to write down the mathematical representation of the wave, y = A sin(kx ± wt+q) and specify the parameters A, k, w, q by reading them from the graph.

I have done this as follows:

  • I have webpage with a geogebra applet in it;
  • I have some js code generating the parameters upon pressing a html button; the code also passes the parameters to the ggb applet through js+API
  • Another button reveals a kind of detailed discussion of the exercise, with results that are specific of the (kind of) randomly generated data.

As an alternative, the detailed discussion could be replaced by a validation of the student's responses. I have not done this part yet, but I do not think this is going to be hard.

For the moment being this works in jsfiddle. I was wondering if it's possible to do that in geogebra "materials" pages (which are webpages).

Thanks again for answering



if it's possible to do that in geogebra "materials"

Yes, but it's not as flexible. All the Buttons & JavaScript etc has to go inside the .ggb file (eg in Global JavaScript)


Hi Michael

>> Yes, but it's not as flexible. All the Buttons & JavaScript etc has to go inside the .ggb file (eg in Global JavaScript)


I use that. Usually I put the graphics stuff in one of the graphics windows, and the "controls" (buttons, sliders, text fields and so on) in the other.

For this project I needed both windows for graphics, so adding the controls too would have made my applet too "crowded".

Plus, as you mention, the webpage is more flexible: I was able to add a whole lot of information, such as a detailed discussion of the exercise, referring to the dynamically generated data.

Being able to do that in the materials webpages would be awesome, but I guess that it poses some security threats...

Maybe at some point the materials could offer some builtin "interfacing" between the applets and the webpage.

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