Is it possible to refer to the xMin, xMax, yMin, and yMax values that define the range of the axes?

harrytomalley shared this question 6 years ago

The values I am referring to are the settings that determine the visible range of values for the x and y axes. In other words, an xMin value of -3 and an xMax value of 5 would mean that the x-axis would go from -3 to 5 in the visible GeoGebra graphics view window.

I know how to SET the values by going into the settings menu for the graphics view, but I'm not asking how to SET the values. I'm asking how to REFER to the values. In other words, is there a predefined variable in GeoGebra that always stores the value of xMin such that if I defined a point A = (xMin , yMin) the point A would always appear in the lower left corner of the screen no matter what the zoom level was?

Just to make sure I am being completely clear about what I mean, let's look at an example involving a value I do know how to refer to. Let's say I want to create a point, B, and I want to SET its x-coordinate to 8 and its y-coordinate to 11. To do this, I would type B=(8,11) and it would be done. If, instead, wanted to REFER to the the x-coordinate of B, I would type x(b).

How do I REFER to the xMin, xMax, yMin, and yMax? Is it possible?


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The corners of a graphics view can be accessed via Corner[] command, the values xMin, xMax, yMin, and yMax are







Is it possible to retrieve the x scale and y scale of major gridlines?


Awesome. Thanks.

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