Is it possible to disable flickering on applets?

hjbortol shared this idea 12 years ago


When one reloads a WEB page with a GeoGebra applet, the graph window flickers, that is, it shows the default axes first and, a second later, it shows the axes from the ggb file. For instance, try to reload the following web page:

The same occurs with the javascript function openFile(). Is it possible to disable such flickering?

Thanks in advance, Humberto.

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Flickering is one of those annoying consequences of an app being written in Java. I seem to notice some sort of flickering in most Java applications, especially when they're embedded within web pages. I'm not sure if it's a browser- or platform-specific thing, though.



I might have a workaround:

Create the applet inside a <div> with style="display:invisible".

At the end of the <body> of the page, include a javascript command to change to the display style to visible.

    document.getElementById("myApplet").style.display = "visible";

This will hide the applet initially and give it time to finish loading before being displayed.

I have used something like this with text blocks and assume it will work with applets, too.

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