Is it possible for us users to create something like the GeoGebra materials tree?

Javier Cayetano Rodríguez shared this question 1 year ago

Since its release, I've been amazed of how easy it is to find and classify resources using the "GeoGebra resources tree/net" on the materials page.


Now, it happens that I want to classify some resources on a public-educational web page, and I would like to create something like that.

Is there any way/means to find information on how to create those type of dynamic-search-charts, or maybe could anyone refer me to a .js library I could use?

Thank you.

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Hi! I don't know if a library was used for the map. But it's actually quite easy to build your own version. I copied everything I needed from the website and adapted it to fit my project. You can have a look at: to see what I created. I attached the sources for you in case it's helpful :smile:


Thank you very much.

I will take a look at it. Your page looks great! Congratulations.


¿No entendí bien lo que pedías?

¿Eran los circulitos con el texto ?

Lo puedes hacer con GG. ¡Qué raro! ¿Verdad?

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