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predrag shared this question 10 years ago

I try to construct the square root spiral.

The idea was:

1st using the array and construct a list of routes on which lie square of the hypotenuse of the triangle (whose roots are respectively the length of 2, 3 ..)

2nd using a set list and construct a circle centered at the origin and polumjrima row above lengths

Both have managed, by dragging the slider, regularly appearing lines and circles

3rd I need the intersection-point intersection of these two lists.

This is what I tried, or some other options:

remember = array [intersection [element [p, i], element [cruise, i], 1], i, 1, n-1]

Help? The idea? Another way?

Of course I found some solutions on the internet but do not meet-applets, language, limited spirals, etc. ... irale.html

If you need details or files can be added

I hope you me udersten

Predrag, Croatia

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You can look here

Unfortunately double-click does not load the file, but I think Daniel would share this file.

Here is the ggb file with lot of séquences of rotation

Daniel :wink:


Thanks Daniel!

Attached is a file which, I think, solved using the trigonometric functions!


Daniel, i experience a strange behavior with your spiral file. Specifically, I can move the slider only once; after that i can not "grab" it with the mouse. Do you have any ideas about this? When I right-click on it initially it says it a Number n, but after moving it once and right-click it says it is List liste10


Hi Tom

The file works fine on my PC and I can not reproduce what you describe with version 3.2, unless this situation come from Version 4



Curious; I am running version, java 1.6.0_23, filename: Spiralpythagore.ggb.

If I right-click anywhere in the drawing area it says List liste8, but a right-click on the slider say List liste10.

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