Intersecting functions in CAS

Simona Riva shared this idea 8 years ago

If we intersect two functions using the related CAS command, the output is a list of points.

It'd be nice to have those output points ordered with respect to their x-values, e.g instead of having


the list

list2={(-3,4), (1,2)}

imho is much useful.

For example let's suppose that I want to limit the domain of a function to the x-interval defined by those two points and would like to do this automatically, using the Element command to extract the x-values.

The present output doesn't always guarantee that the first element's abscissa is < than the second one.

So my command cannot be "reused" in a more general file where the originating functions vary, without a prior re-ordering of the list's elements.

In any case, an ordered output is more elegant :smiley_cat:

I hope you understand what I mean. :flushed:


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Good suggestion, which ought to be simple to fix. I concur!

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