Interactive Graphing Calculator?

Patrick Blakley shared this question 1 year ago
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I've created a very specifically designed base model for my graphing calculator. Is there a way I can have my students click a link on my website and it adds a new input to the graph?

For example. My website can let the student find out what equation to graph. But I'd like them to be able to click a link and it plots that equation onto my base graph.

An example input would be to add: "x^(2)+y^(2)=7056" as a new input into my current graph.

Is this currently possible with GeoGebra? Or are there any creative ways to accomplish what I'm trying to do here?

Thanks for any input!


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Just for added info, we're calculating the speed of sound across a football field. I'd like to let them click a link to their answer and have it plot the circle distance onto this base graph that I've pre-designed.

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