Intequality y/x>0 geogebra interprets as multivariable function

Daniel Marin shared this question 3 years ago
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I want to sketch area in x-y which is solution of inequality.

Every inequality i tried (such as x+y^2<0, etc..) works fine except inequalities of type: y/x>0, which geogebra always interprets as multivariable function type, so solutions are not sketched.

Are there any way to sketch solutions of that type of inequalities?

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workaround y*x>0 (wolframAlpha say: is the alternative form for y/x>0 [but I don't know why])

see wolframAlpha

but wolframAlpha say also


yes, see my post (with 2 links).

Is my first link wrong in wolframAlpha? and/or is my second link wrong in wolframAlpha?

And: what do you expect in the graphic view for y/x>0 ??

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