Integral value is not constant when shifting a function

Alfonso Gambuzza shared this problem 1 year ago


I'm just playing a little bit with GeoGebra focusing on the integral function.

The example (see attachment) consist of a function f(x)=exp(-(m-x)²/p) and the computation of its integral while the function is shifted along the x-axis by varring the m parameter.

I was supprised that the integral do not remain constant along the path. On many Positions it is 0. 5fb371bd1d3f82aa06512b9ca0512d0e

Please use the attached file to reproduce the error.

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It is normal because the maxi of f(x) is 1. f(x)=exp(-m-x)2/p) rise its maxima when x=-m and exp(-m-m) = exp(0)=1 !!

Then when you update parameters m or p the maxima of f(x) don't vary on y, and f(x) may changes size to width only.


See your ggb

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