Installing GG on opensuse - Java environment is shot

hurvi shared this question 6 years ago

opensuse, like many other distro's use only openjdk, not proper Java from oracle.

As Suse only offer an old rpm I used the rpm install from this site (

This has shot all my other Java applications ($Java_home is now a geogebra directory).

How can geogebra's java co-exist peacefully with the default Java environment of OPensuse. I am sure some of you have solved this already and would appreciate if you could share.

Thanks in advance


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I think it is better to use the zip-Archive from this page, just expand and start it. I have OpenSuse, too and more or less no problem.

I think there is not actual RPM available of GeoGebra.


Thanks Birgit, , Only now I have seen the tar file "portable linux. I can make this work then, I think, altough this is not perfect.

Setback of static tars is no updates and a workload for multi-user install.

Actually GG do offer an rpm, even a repo! Obviously not compatible to a default suse installation. Hope they or Suse want to do something about it.

Suse only offer version 4 on their repos, so I installed the v5 rpm from the GG repo.




The problem is, that if GeoGebra wants to offer a repo for every new version it needs someone to create this repos. If you wants to do it ... please give a signal to the developers and do it. The sources are free to build it. At the moment there is no developer that needs rpm on his own.


I want to share my "temporary" solution:

Downloaded the static GG tarball (aka 'portabe linux').

As root copied the tarball's '/usr/share/geogebra' folder into opt (not copying the java folders etc. )

Linking the executable 'geogebra' script in that folder to /usr/bin. to start from path.

So now it uses the opensource java clone frrm. It works so far, but I have not completely tested it yet.



oh btw how can I send a tip to a GG developer?

The insert in my original comment did not appear: so here again: the problem was $JAVA_HOME was set to oracle java that came with Geogebra's RPM. That affected all other Java programmes I am using. So $JAVA_HOME should only be set (and unset) for running GG - or perhaps modified to use any existing java - if the opensource java is not a problem (Suse defaultt is the opensource java).

I would assume most distros alreday have a working java environment and think that should be used where possible. If GG needs a certain java version than it should be using it standalone.



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