Instability and black screen in Windows 10

Elizandro Max Borba shared this question 3 years ago

Since some recent update of Windows 10 (not sure if it as the latest; my current version is 10.0.16299.64), I'm having the following issue using the Geogebra Classic application. VERY often the screen turns completely black. If I switch to another application and switch back again, things come back to "normal". Well, not quite, because almost any action I take (clicking, typing...) brings the problem back again.

I couldn't find anything on the Windows community about it, and I couldn't reach Microsoft support yet. So, anyone have a clue about what could cause this?

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It looks like an issue related to your graphics card drivers. You could try to see if they're updated, and if the update was recent, try to roll back to the previous version that worked.

Here in the Forum I've not read other people with a black screen issue yet.

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