Insert your own applet in Add Element

Marco Rainaldi shared this question 2 years ago

I am creating an activity, and want to add an applet that I have already created. When I click add element, I have to either upload an applet or search for an applet. Oftentimes, in the search my own applets are not showing up. Is there a way in the add applet dialog to have a way to search only the applets the user has created?

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Yes this search often is difficult, even if you write the exact name of the applet in the search. So I took the habbit to start from the applet/file itself. Either I start from one of my applets and I add it to a book or I keep my ggb files saved on my computer itself and I add them as an applet when working in an activity.

But of course this is just a way to deal with what you're justly pointing on as a search problem

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