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I used GeoGebra for my research works. Previously, when I downloaded installation file in the official website and run the software, there was no installation procedure and it directly opens up.

I've never used a portable version before, but it seems that this one function so slowly and act like web-based system.

Therefore, I downloaded the GeoGebra Classic 5-014 after searching Google and there was installation procedure which required me to click Next button until the installation was completed. This one was working really good as offline version's speed was awesome.

However, nowadays when I tried logging into GeoGebra Tube, it asks me to updata by downloading new one from the webpage. For this reason, I've downloaded again GeoGebra 6 classic offline from the website, but the installation doesn't show up and it runs automatically as the first experience. The inconvenience is that this web-based version (maybe working like a portable, but I am not sure) does not works as per my expected speed. Also, it seems to have no function of saving the working file as offline file in my directory other than saving in Tube online. Moreover, the image export doesn't even ask me whether to remove background or not, different from the old version.

I feel really uncomfortable with using this new one(installer 6-0452) despite the newest version from the website.

For your reference, I also downloaded Classic 5 from the web currently, but that works in the same way as Classic 6. In order words, no installation occurs, it just pops ups and speed is really low as this one seem to works like online software, not offline.

All in all, what I most would like to do is that I want to install the offline program which works fast like old Classic version, not online version(Even I downloaded offline version from the site.) which is not user-friendly.

I've attacted the screenshots for both old and new ones. Your help would be sincerely appreciated.

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You can find Classic 5 using the links in this page (scroll down and select your OS for GeoGebra Classic 5). The latest version is 5.0.452.

If you still have a 5.0.14 installed I suggest you to uninstall it completely, then install the updated version.


Classic 5 and Classic 6 are both updated at the same time with same commands/tools/functionalities.

Classic 6 has a more modern interface, a different engine for 3D rendering, and can be installed (and looks the same) on any device (pc, laptop, tablets, phones)

Classic 5 has the "dear, old interface" and it can be used only on computers.

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