Input Bar Position in Version 6.0

Ernst Rothenberger shared this question 3 years ago
Needs Answer

Hello, my daughter is working with Tobii Eye Gaze System and in Classic Version 5.0 the Input Bar

can be fixed above. Now we are starting to appreciate the Classic Version 6.0, especially for the direct Input and Modification of the Formulas. But in some circumstances, for example, if the "Object Pipeline" is very full or if she is working only with a half monitor beside MS Word, the Tobii Onscreen Keyboard is covering totally the input situation. A new or a future possibility to fix the standard Input Bar once again on the top would be appreciate very much.

Generally thank very very much for your work, especially in our case, Geogebra is now for years, the best tool to realize math and geometry despite this hard disability.

Best regards,


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