Initial bug in Zip (514 and 614 windows 10)

rami shared this problem 3 years ago

In the attachment the object "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}" is wrong. The values should be same as in the object "MarkP".

If "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}" is created or changed in Input-bar then all is OK. After save and reopen the values of "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}" are wrong.

For test:

  • open applet
  • check "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}" is not equal "MarkP"
  • mark "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}"
  • press F3
  • delete "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}" in algebra-view
  • enter in input-bar (the copy from F3)
  • check: now the values of the both objects are equal
  • save, close
  • open
  • check: now "MarkP_{ggb514bug,Zip}" is wrong

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Please upload the faulty .ggb file


the attached is. I did the steps in post and confirm the bug

moreover, open the auxiliary objects and search B2. you will see a problem with the name of a lot of auxilary objects.

this last problem was reported in another topic but I do not remember what it is


attached the shorten file with the bug as described in the first post


I think it is in combination with spreadsheet.

When the values of cB, cC and cF are replaced with CopyFreeObject and the spreadsheet is deleted then the bug disappear.

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