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I'm trying to graph some inequalities tied to the function in the input box. But when I change the function in the input box, the graph of the inequality does not get updated. I'd appreciate any help.


Gabriela Sanchis

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Please try with GeoGebra 4.4


Go to Spreadsheet & Graphics

Enter the coefficient of x in cell A1

Enter the constant in cell B2

Go to Algebra & Graphics

Use Input Box linked to cell A1 to change the coefficient of x.

Use Input Box linked to cell B1 to change the constant.

In the Input Bar enter A1*x + B and f(x) =0.5x+2 should appear under function.

In the Input Bar enter y>f(x),return; y≥f(x),return; y<f(x),return; y≤f(x), return.

Click in the circle next to the inequality you want and click to get open circles in the remaining inequalities.

Enter new values in the input boxes. The function will change and the inequalities will follow the new function.



Your program works correctly in GGB 4.4.1.

If you want to work with GGB 4.2 then maybe this variant helps (with script)

The 'check boxes' are replaced with drop-down list (instead of radio-buttos), but this is not a must.

And following an extended version with the above principle

or with equations (instead of functions in y)


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