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Mathematiker shared this problem 6 years ago

I've already started a thread in the german part of this forum, since it seems to be a problem in the German translation. But I've been asked to post it here.

Some terms in the German version aren't correct. The request "Nullstelle" answers with a "Nullpunkt" instead. Similar with "Extremum" which answers with a "Extrempunkt", as well.

Maybe there's of of stuff of this kind, I might a look at it more precisely if necessary.

Thanks, so far.


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yes, I made that decision many years ago. Not a big deal in my view (and most other users as nobody complained before ;-) ) Anyway, we can quite easily make changes to command names as the internal command names saved in files are hidden anyway.

Thus, please make a list of suggested command name changes for the German version and send it to




Dear M.

we have discussed your suggestion to change the following German command names:

* "Nullstelle[]" should be named "Nullpunkt[]"

* "Extremum[]" should be named "Extrempunkt[]"

with several teachers and our translation team and have decided not to make such a change. The term "Nullpunkt" (root) could be easily confused with it's meaning of coordinate origin in German. The term "Extremum" is neutral anyway concerning Extremstelle and Extrempunkt. If a teacher wants to emphasize the difference of "Stelle" (the x-coordinate only) and "Punkt" (point), this should be mentioned explicitly to students anyway, no matter what the command names in GeoGebra are.

In both cases, a change would bring many problems (these command names have been used since 8 years by users, in tutorials, lesson plans, etc.) but not bring an important improvement that would justify this.

Best wishes,


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