incorrect construction of arcs in pgf code

ponyboss3 shared this problem 4 months ago

when trying to export the PGF code from the geogebra, the circles are drawn well, and the arcs of the circles through three points are drawn with segments, which visually looks ugly


the same problem with a circular arc at the center and two points

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It would be really helpful if you could post the following as we don't have any PGF knowledge on the team

* PGF from GeoGebra for a single arc

* what you'd like the PGF code to be


I will be happy to write this pgf code, just tell me what variables will enter it?

Can I expect that I have access to the coordinates of the center of the arc O, the starting point of the arc A and point B, which has the property that the OB ray traverses the arc at the end, just like the tool to create an arc at the center and two points?


Great! You can assume whatever variables are easiest (we can calculate those in the Java easily :) )

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