Inconsistent fonts for the caption of an input box and a slider

J.Capel(UNSW) shared this problem 6 years ago

If I caption a slider using something like $n=%v$ I get a nice serif font (consistent with the rest of my construction), however captioning an input box using $n=$ does not product a serif font.

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You can use $\mathsf{n=}$ to force sans serif or $\mathrm{n=}$ for serif font.


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with the caption on input boxes. I've attached a screenshot showing (from top to bottom in both columns):

  • $$n=$$
  • $$\mathsf{n}=$$
  • $$\mathrm{n}=$$
  • $$\mathit{n}=$$

The sliders captions respond as I expect, but only the 'mathit' command seems to have any affect on the input box caption.

You can see my GeoGebraTube worksheet here:

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