Inaccurate Lithuanian translation in probability calculator

GegznaV shared this problem 3 years ago

Inaccurate names of distributions:

Not "Studento" but "Stjudento" (letter "j" is missing: its a common spelling to use "j" in the name of the distribution)

Not "F pasiskirstymas" but "F skirstinys" (not an error but a more common word for the situation)

Not "Gamma" but "Gama" (single "m")

Not "LogNormalus" but "LogNormalusis" (different grammatical form; and I prefer keeping capital "N" even though it's not usual in Lithuanian language)

Not "Poisono" but "Puasono" (translation from the French language: not how it's written but how it's pronounced)

Under the "Help & Feedback" menu: not "Licenzija" but "Licencija" (incorrect spelling).

Not translated menu commands:

"Export Image" → "Išsaugoti paveikslą"

"Help & Feedback" → "Pagalba ir grįžtamasis ryšys"

Is it possible to implement these corrections?

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Thank you, looped to the developers

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