Inaccuracy problem of intersection points

zzrpuig shared this problem 4 years ago

Inaccuracy problems with the underlying calculations may have already been discussed from a different perspective. My specific problem is about the point of intersection between curves (parabola and ellipse in this case) that are almost tangent to each other at the intersection point.

The issue is that the point provided by GeoGebra as the intersection between the two curves is quite different from the one were the curves visually intersect. I am not completely sure whether the intersection point is wrong, the plotted curves are not shown where they should or both.

In the example below, I included a sliding point (E) along the parabola to provide explicit coordinates of the point where the curves seems to intersect and how different that is from the point provided by GeoGebra as the intersection (A)

Any explanation for that? And better, any solution to it?


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