inaccuracy problem (internal 15 decimals is not enough)

Pekka Vienonen shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

It seems that GeoGebra calculates with 15 decimal digits.

(I assumed numeric format to be double precision floating...)

For example: sqrt(2)^4 should be 4, not something else.

This inaccuracy leads us to problems e. g. with sheets and algebra window.

CAS works better.

Desmos works better.

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is there a calc that 1 / (sqrt(1234567² + 1) - 1234567)=sqrt(1234567² + 1) + 1234567?

how much decimals do you need for your "accuracy"?


In ggb-cas is the same result as in Desmos (undefined)

In ggb-algebra is another convention, the result is infinity instead of undefined.

I think this is very near, what you expected.


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