Important: if you host GeoGebra applets (UPDATED)

Michael Borcherds shared this question 6 years ago

Recommended: Embed Applets from GeoGebraTube

The best way to host GeoGebra applets on your own site is to

  • upload your construction to GeoGebraTube and then
  • embed the GeoGebra applet into your page using our embed code (an <iframe> tag) from GeoGebraTube.

Then your applets will work both on computers as well as tablets. This way, we can make sure your applets will also work in the future when browsers and devices change.

Not recommended fix for Java applets: Replace jar files on your site

The disadvantage of this solution is that your applets will still require a Java plugin on the client and thus won't work on most tablets. With recent Java plugin releases, it is becoming harder to run unsigned applets. If you use unsigned applets from older GeoGebra versions on your website you need to switch to signed applets. To do so, please replace your current jar files with our new signed ones from:


In addition, you will also need to include this in the <applet> tag of your HTML pages with old GeoGebra Java applets:

    <param name="codebase_lookup" value="false">

(see )

Update (April 2015):

Java Applets will no longer work in Chrome, so please just upload your applets to GeoGebraTube and then they will "just work"

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