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Working with Geogebra v. 6.0.363.0

I have a text file that contains many samples. I do know how to use RegEx so I'm able to format the list pretty much any way I want it.

The problem is - I want to get the contents of the text file into Geogebra spreadsheet. I only want to fill in to the A column, and all cells should be in the form of a point (X,Y).

I have not found a way to import anything into Geogebra spreadsheet, so I figured I should try copy and paste from the text file.

Therefore I made sure the content of the text file was formatted such that easc line was in the form of a point: example of two lines:



I then copy about 25 lines of text formatted this way - than pasted it into spreadsheet (cell A1 selected).

But to my suprise, it ditn't work. I expected the content of cell A1 to become the same as of line 1 in text file, but instead it breaks at comma symbol, and threated as strings. The rest was put into cell B1.

Expected contents of cell A1: (4.02,3.06)

Actual contents of cell A1: the string "(4.02"

And for cell B1: the string "3.06)"

Problem : I'm not able to solve this by myself. I did managed to paste to a list by manipulating the format of the text content, but that is not what I want to do here.

How can I manage to get this done?


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Try formatting it as CSV eg



if you want the points and you have (2,3),(3,4),(5,6) you can add {(2,3),(3,4),(5,6) } then copy and paste in inputline

when the list is created drag&drop it to spreadsheet

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