Images and file size

Slumberland shared this question 9 years ago
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When I add an image file to a worksheet, the file size explodes.

I think what's happening is this:

When GGB saves a local copy in the .ggb file, it discards the original format. For any well-compressed image, this new copy is many times the size of the original.

How do I work around this?

Ideally, I want to keep the current default behavior: save a local copy as part of the file. I don't mind if it converts the image locally, although it would be nice if I could check a box whether or not I want to leave the image in the original format.

An example is here:

The background image is 125K. It adds about 650K to the file size.

I've also tried this

-open blank worksheet

-add image

-save immediately


The result is the same.

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