geogebra uninstalls everything that is in the same directory

Yoshua Woo shared this problem 5 years ago

I just uninstalled Geogebra. While I wasn't looking it continued to uninstall about 300GB worth of Programs.

Upon installation, I was prompted to pick an installation directory. Since I store my "not-top-priority" software on a drive that is not C:, I navigated to that folder. Most programs will automatically create a dedicated subfolder in such an occasion, but many, such as GeoGebra, don't. So the installation path ended up being H:\Programs instead of H:\Programs\geogebra, which I didn't really mind.

At least not until I wanted to clean up my drive and started to uninstall GeoGebra by executing its "uninstall.exe". As usual, I just let the uninstaller do its thing until it kind of took too long. At that point, I noticed that it had started uninstalling games from my steam folder, my Adobe software and other software in the same folder. At that point, the uninstaller could not be stopped without killing it via task manager (which is extra bad for non-tech-savvy people).

I'm currently restoring ~300GB worth of program files with no guarantee of success.

I propose to either fix this immense issue or at least include a huge and visible warning that the uninstall progress will tear down everything in the same directory.

I have included a screenshot of the software uninstalling something other than geogebra.

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Sorry for the lack of response. We were not able to reproduce this with the default install folder, but it seems this may indeed happen when you set the installation path to a folder that contains other programs -- e.g. install GeoGebra directly to

C:\Program Files\

instad of

C:\Program Files\GeoGebra

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