Ideas for pasting data and copying output

David shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I have two suggestions (problems). When pasting a table into a spreadsheet Ctrl-v works but right clicking a cell(s) and selecting paste does not work. Can you get both ways to work?

In Classic CAS view, when I right click a box I get the option of "Copy Input" and "Copy" output. Awesome! But in Classic Graphing view or in any other app it is much harder to copy the output. Can you make it easier? I can select the entry box, then hit F4 (on my laptop Fn+F4). This copies the output as an input in a new entry box; I then hit Ctrl+x to cut the data. If I have a handful of items to copy then it is easier to Download as Construction Protocol, open the html, then copy the Values.

Here is the context for my suggestions. I am a teacher using for my business math class. I demonstrated how to answer this question.

Question begins with a table.

x123456y7428591043132116542093Use exponential regression to find an exponential function that best fits this data.

f(x) =

Use linear regression to find an linear function that best fits this data.

g(x) =

I instructed them to copy (Ctrl+c) the table, go to then paste (Ctrl+v) into the spreadsheet. Some of my students said that pasting did not do anything. I then demonstrated doing it again by right clicking a cell and using paste, but that did not work. I was at a loss on how to help other than suggest to enter the data manually like a Texas Instrument.

After getting some of the students to make FitExp(l1) and FitLine(l1). I instruct the student to copy these outputs by selecting an entry box, then hitting F4. Then copy the resulting new input into However my students said this did not work. I said they may need to select Fn+F4 on a laptop. They said this was still not working. I said to first select the little box next to the entry (or the curve on the graph). They still said this did not work. I ran out of time before any of my students could screen share what they were doing, so I don't know what the problem was.

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