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Hello, sorry for my bad english

I am in a research project on computer algebra in the university where I work, for now I'm just running the CAS view and some graphics on GeoGebra.

I have some ideas or suggestions

1: differentiate different color graphics when they are in a list, you can see the next capture, the two graphics have the same color

2: when positioning the cursor on a graph show the equation of the corresponding graph

3: In the CAS view and in the history of input and output expressions I/O, please view the lists vertically, so that you can select which graphic to display or plot on the graphics view



PostData: There is a problem running the I/O step by step, when the line reaches the end of the window, it should show the following line, moving the history auto-scroll, this happens when the history tine lines hidden at the end

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A clarification, the problem reported, occurs in version 6

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