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I am new to iBooks author. I follow the instructions on https://www.geogebra.org/wi... and succeed in loading the core widget. But I fail to insert an applet (the iBook widget, downloaded from GeoGebraTube, the last option), in the same way I insert the core widget. What could be the possible problem?

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Here's what worked for me,some of which you've already completed but may be helpful for others. For anyone reading this who doesn't care about making an offline widget, you can skip to Step 6; anyone who already has the worksheet they want to turn into a widget uploaded to geogebra.com can skip to Step 10 and alter Step 13 to start "Click the iBook Widget: online (.zip) link

Download GeoGebraCore.wdgt.zip here.

  1. Open the zip file.
  2. In your iBooks Author document, create an HTML5 widget.
  3. Add GeoGebraCore.wdgt to the iBook by either dragging the .wdgt file onto the HTML5 widget placeholder (so that the green (+) symbol appears or by a) opening the Inspector window, b) selecting the Widget panel, c) selecting the Interaction tab, d) clicking the Choose button next to the in-bold-text "HTML5 Widget," and e) selecting GeoGebraCore.wdgt from within whichever folder it's located.
  4. With the widget selected--not the GeoGebra-icon image (you can tell if you have the entire widget selected if you see a black (Preview HTML) button below the selection)--go to the Inspector window's Metrics panel and change both Size values to 120 pt (to make the widget as small as possible)
  5. Since you'll want to hide this widget as much as possible, most likely by placing it deep into the offscreen margins, you'll probably want to get rid of the GeoGebra image--DO NOT simply delete the image because it will delete the widget itself. Replace the GeoGebra image with a completely blank one (of the same background color of the page you'll be hiding it; I've attached a 100x100 blank square at the bottom of this list if you have a white background). However, since this will make your widget completely invisible, you probably won't want to do this until you're absolutely certain you know where you want to place the widget or can remember exactly where on which page you left it....
  6. With the Core in place, open up the GeoGebra file you want to convert into a widget in GeoGebra.
  7. In the File menu select Export -> Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (html).
  8. In the Upload to GeoGebra window that appears, enter a title if there's not already one there (the name won't affect what readers see in your iBook; you'll title it separately in the Inspector's Widget panel) and click Upload.
  9. You'll be taken to the GeoGebra website, where you'll see your interactive GeoGebra file. Click the (Save and Close) button that appears a little further down the screen.
  10. You'll be taken to your "home page" where you should see the file you just uploaded (just below the Search Materials bar); click on it.
  11. At the top right of the page that opens, find the icon of 3 tiny squares in a vertical line. Click the icon and choose Download.
  12. On the page that opens, click the box that says "I agree to the terms etc."
  13. Click the iBook Widget: offline (.zip) link to download the zipped file containing your now-completed widget and the license file
  14. Open the .zip file.
  15. Return to iBooks Author and create another HTML5 widget.
  16. Repeat Step 4 with your newly-downloaded widget (NOT the Core one).
  17. If you don't want your uploaded GeoGebra file viewable to others on geogebra.com, go back to your GeoGebra "home page," and click on your widget.
  18. To delete the file entirely, click on the 3-vertical-squares icon at the top right and choose Delete.
  19. To keep the file online for your own purposes but hide it from others, click on the pencil icon at the top right and then look for "Worksheet Settings" and a gear icon at the bottom of the screen; at the bottom of the panel that opens, change Visibility to Private with the pop-up menu.
  20. Return to iBooks Author and Preview your book/page in iBooks.

You're done. 8^)

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