I type x^2+y^2-1 to get a unit circle and nothing gets plotted

tfhavel shared this question 2 years ago

What I'm trying to do couldn't be simpler, and it isn't working: open a graphing window and type "x^2+y^2-1" and nothing gets plotted; it just defines that expression as a function "a(x,y)," and leaves it at that. Typing "a(x,y)==0" doesn't plot a unit circle either. Why isn't this working (like I seem to recall it used to ...).

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The equation you typed, without a right hand side, is not the equation of a circle.

GeoGebra correctly named it a(x.y) because you entered a function in 2 variables, not a conic.

Enter "x^2+y^2-1=0” instead, or "x^2+y^2=1"

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