i got a wrong image when i input this function

Mika shared this problem 1 year ago

eq1: x=-sqrt(2 y-y^(2))

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I'm sorry but showing what you mean by 'a wrong image' would help more than posting your message twice. Maybe you mean that the implicite curve isn't completed till the y Axis, while reversing x and y get's a function that runs from xAxis to xAxis.../ZtQewrFJrQi61A3AQrFuluA5ZOAowQoFB1tGLqVmwCFYm5UTEgCXQlQKHZFwwskEDYBV4Ui5yiacSlzicwrYVsoFM32Z6yQiUnAbpFY+f+eCybFgm+GgAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

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