I could not find GeoGebra after offline installation (Windows 10)

Игорь Милосердов shared this problem 4 years ago

Dear colleagues, I installed GeoGebra Classic 6 Installer for Windows (by offline installer file). All successfully started, I saved a trial file in a different formats to disk. But after the program was closed, I could not find it. Interestingly, in the list of installed applications (Windows 10), GeoGebra is. But where is the shortcut to launch or the startup file? I could not find it. Help me please.

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GeoGebra usually creates an icon on the desktop....



folder contains a subfolder named with the number of the latest release. (Change <Username> with your local Windows username).

Right click on it to find the GeoGebra.exe file that runs the software, or create a new link on the desktop and paste the location of the GeoGebra.exe file.

The command that is currently starting GeoGebra on my computer with Windows 10 is:

C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\Update.exe --processStart=C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\app-6.0.472\GeoGebra.exe


Simona, good afternoon!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your valuable advice.

For a long time I did not put the application under Java and completely forgot about this directory!

For some reason, GeoGebra icon did not appear on the desktop during installation ...

One way or another, everything turned out and works great!

Good luck to you and thank you for your interest!

Best Regards, Igor Miloserdov.


Problem solved. Thanks a lot!


In my case the GeoGebraGeometry.exe file is in C:\Users\my_User_Name\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_Geometry\app-6.0.523\

Why not just put it with the other programs that I install on my PC? It would make life easier...

Tom Spoors

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