I cant view input/tool bar.

dmdm shared this question 2 years ago

After sharing the link of document, I cant add changes to it. And it wasn't finished. I just had to send it to someone to check what I have done. How can I see all the points and functions to copy them onto a new document or gain access to the tool bar. PLEASE HELPP

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I’m not sure about your question.

If you uploaded your file online, you can edit it by clicking the menu on top right (3dots) of the activity page, then click the pencil icon on the bar above the ggb applet, scroll down below the applet and select Edit Applet to edit it online.

When you finished editing the app, it will be saved as it’s displayed on screen, so for example if the Algebra View is open, it will remain visible.

If you select “Advanced options” you can add other display options to your app, like showing the toolbar, input bar, allow zooming and much more.


You can l’uso download the app to work on it on your device by clicking on the 3 dots icon on top right, then selecting “Details”.

The Details page will open, and you will find a Download button there.

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