I can't save or download/export my file.

Emir Ziyal shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello, I have a very important file currently on Geogebra and I can't afford to lose it. Geogebra is not letting me save it or download/export it. All the progress on it will be lost if I exit the program. This issue is really important and urgent. It would be amazing if I can get a quick response.

If needed, I have the Geogebra Classic 6 and am using MacOS 10.13.6.

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Can you please post a screenshot or describe step by step your actions and what's happening?

Are you using the online version at http://www.geogebra.org/classic or an installed one? (which version?)

Do you want to save the file locally on your computer or online on your profile page?


Hi, my problem is now solved. I left my computer open for several hours while I slept, and the document was saved when I woke up. But it would be appreciative if you can still look at this problem to prevent similar instances to happen to other users.

What happened was, I was using the installed Geogebra Classic 6, and as I clicked save nothing happened. Only thing that happened was a "saving..." message at the vey bottom. However, the project could not be saved or published. So, I decided to download it and without any message, it just did not download. I searched for every place in my computer, but there weren't any downloads. I hope this does not happen to someone else and you can understand the reason of this problem.


I also have this problem with 6.0, but regularly (once per day minimum). I use a 3MB image file in my project and sometimes I completely lose the ability to do an "export .ggb". The file browser just no longer opens to ask me where to save it. The other export methods sometimes still work so at least I can save an image to redo everything from scratch with a reference but that's really unpleasant.

I guess the saving thread is stuck or something and prevents the following saving requests to happen because even if I completely clear the project exporting still is a no-op.

Steps to possibly reproduce the problem: use a big image file, export, add geometry, and export again.

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