I can't save or download/export my file.

Emir Ziyal shared this question 6 months ago
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Hello, I have a very important file currently on Geogebra and I can't afford to lose it. Geogebra is not letting me save it or download/export it. All the progress on it will be lost if I exit the program. This issue is really important and urgent. It would be amazing if I can get a quick response.

If needed, I have the Geogebra Classic 6 and am using MacOS 10.13.6.

Thanking in advance,


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Can you please post a screenshot or describe step by step your actions and what's happening?

Are you using the online version at http://www.geogebra.org/classic or an installed one? (which version?)

Do you want to save the file locally on your computer or online on your profile page?


Hi, my problem is now solved. I left my computer open for several hours while I slept, and the document was saved when I woke up. But it would be appreciative if you can still look at this problem to prevent similar instances to happen to other users.

What happened was, I was using the installed Geogebra Classic 6, and as I clicked save nothing happened. Only thing that happened was a "saving..." message at the vey bottom. However, the project could not be saved or published. So, I decided to download it and without any message, it just did not download. I searched for every place in my computer, but there weren't any downloads. I hope this does not happen to someone else and you can understand the reason of this problem.

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