I can't import a file from my hard drive

msaul shared this question 11 months ago
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I am going crazy.

I love using Geogebra. But the input/output is now non-standard and tricky. Weeks ago I saved a .ggb file to my hard drive. It's sitting there. It's in .ggb format. It's not empty (33 kb, says Windows File Explorer).

But when I try to open it, it is EMPTY! All my hard work wasted.

I am using Geogebra Classic. I never save things on a cloud--I'm too often not near reliable web access. EVERYTHING is saved to my hard drive.

So I open Geogebra Classic. Click on three horizontal lines on the upper right. Click on 'open'. I get the cloud! I don't want the damn cloud. I want MY file, on MY hard drive.

I love using Geogebra. But now everything takes two or three times as long, because I cannot retrieve my old files. That is DAYS of work.

Can someone help me retrieve a file on my local hard drive?

This is horrible!

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open GG classic then menu-->file-->open, then click where the arrow ends


if the file continues with error please attach it here

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