I cannot manage my files. And manual doesn't help.

msaul shared this question 2 years ago

I cannot manage my files. Nothing in the manual corresponds either to what I see on the screen or what happens when I click on a menu item. These are files I created last week.

I use Geogebra Classic. I can't find a 'version number'. I run it on a Windows 10 machine. I don't trust clouds and am often away from web access, so I need everything on my local hard drive.

But I cannot upload a file from my hard drive to Geogebra reliably. Nor save it reliably. I know a certain file is there, but is not empty. I go to 'open' on the menu on the right, and to the (cryptic, but I figured it out) icon denoting my local drive, I see the file. And the file is the right size (56K in this case). When I ask the computer to open the file, NOTHING happens.

I checked the manual. It has all these wonderful commands: Save, save as, Open, Open Recent. But I cannot find ANY of these commands in the actual program. All I have is:

"open", which takes me to the cloud by default, and to my hard drive if I ask,

"Save", which sometimes saves to my hard drive, where I want it, and sometimes to a cloud;

Export image, which I have learned not to trust. I just take a screen shot.

Download as... Which also sometimes saves to my hard drive.

I can *never* get a command corresponding to 'save as'.

What is going on? Is my copy of Geogebra Classic defective? Since you started with clouds and ipads, the program has been wild and crazy. Couldn't you have left well enough alone? Or make a separate version for other devices? Integration doesn't work. That's why Windows 8 was abandoned.

I am frustrated, and grateful for any help at all anyone can give me.

***Can you email me when a response is received? That's another problem--these fora require constant monitoring by the user.

Mark Saul


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Try GeoGebra Classic 5


Thank you. But how do I determine which version I am using?

Maybe I'm using an out of date version.



- uninstall previous version

- download and install new from site


First: you can install GeoGebra both Classis 5 as well Classic 6 by downloading on the download page. In GG5 there's standard a menu bar on top, in GG6 the menu opens by clicking on the icon with the three stripes in the upperleft corner.

Second: In both versions you can check the version in the Menu -> Help -> Info & Licence



Thank you! I now know that I am using Version: 6.0.562.0-win (11 October 2019)

That should be up to date, no?

BTW: There is no MENU! Only three horizontal stripes. I had to guess that this was the menu. But I found it.

****Still, the manual refers to 'save as', 'open recent', and other helpful and standard commands for uploading and downloading. But I CANNOT FIND THESE on this version.

One more thing: I cannot tell, from the screen, what file I am actually working on. So I get paranoid that my file hasn't been saved and must save many different versions. IS there a way to see the name of the file I've uploaded and am working on? That feature is a

software standard.

Can someone tell me what's going on? VERY frustrated here. It's a wonderful program, but I spend twice as much time wrestling with it as I should.


As Michael wrote you're probably better of with GeoGebra Classic 5, in which the menu is visible above the screen instead of behind the three stripes and as you probably will like the name of the file you're working on is shown on top. The choice between versions both is personal.

PS: you can install both versions together (or delete the one you don't want to work with). Note that standard double clicking opens in GG6. But in the settings of you computer you can change the assignments of each extentions (like ggb) to a particular program. In all cases you can open the program first and than a particular file with the File Menu.


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