how to view custom tools

Niek Sprakel shared this question 1 year ago


When I open some geogebra demonstrations, sometimes custom tools are employed and somehow I can't seem to figure out how these tools are implemented.

I can see them in the custom tools dialogue, but that just shows the name of the tool and the parameters and not how the tool works. Is there any way to reveal the internals of custom tools in geogebra?

For instance, in this demonstration:

There is a custom tool being employed listed as:

Steiner_Core[ <Point>, <Point>, <Point>, <Number> ]

But where/how can I find out how it works internally or how it's defined?

greetings and thanks in advance for any suggestions, Niek

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in version 5 menu-->tools-->manage tools-->select the tool-->open

I do not find the same way in version 6. perhaps a problem with simultaneous windows



Yeah, I don't see that option to open custom tools in GeoGebra Classic version 6.

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