How to use one particular point as the center of the graphics view

scampsd shared this question 6 years ago

Good afternoon,

Regularly I'm working with Geogebra for visualising my data. As my data are expressed in nanometers, the numbers I'm using are around some tens of millions.

In order to visualise the data, generally I press "Show all objects" in the graphics view. This allows me to see all the data, but it messes up the scale.

In order to put the scale back, I can choose "xAxis : yAxis" to be 1, but then generally my data are disappearing again, most probably due to a wrong choice of center point of the graphics view.

In order to counter this, I'd like to to choose a particular point on screen as the center point of the graphics view. Is this possible and in case yes, how?

Thanks in advance


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Maybe command ZoomIn[ <Min x>, <Min y>, <Max x>, <Max y> ] can help?


Thanks, all, for your quick replies.

Meanwhile I've tried all of them and the "CenterView" command is really the one I'm looking for.

Hence this question can be declared as "Solved".

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