How to stop Move Graphics View tool to move horizontal to axes

99powi31 shared this question 1 year ago

As I'm using either the Move tool or Move Graphics View tool to move the graphics view by pressing and holding the left mouse button as the cursor is on the grid (only on the grid, not on any objects, graphs lines or either of the axes), then moving the cursor to drag the graphics view along with it.

As I do this the dragging of the graphics view seems to lock itself to either go horizontal to the x-axis or the y-axis, meaning if I start dragging by moving my cursor to the left or right the graphics view would later not respond to small movements from the cursor up or down. If I then go far enough up or down with the cursor the graphics view would jump out of its locked state and smoothly follow the cursor for slightest change in any direction.

Is there a way to disable this? I haven't managed to find any settings for it, actually I haven't found anything about this. I like GeoGebra but this I find mildly infuriating at times.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, no

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