How to show or hide an object in algebra view using commands?

亿铭 shared this question 2 years ago

I cannot show or hide an object using the command SetVisibleInView in the algebra view ... or I cannot find the correct parameter of this command even in the manual plz

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see the manual for SetVisible():

Note: This command does not set show/hide in the algebras view. This command changes the visibility in the three graphics views (Graphics=1, Graphics2=2 and 3D-Graphics=-1). For each object this setting can be found in Properties/Advanced/Location

Usually using Properties/Advanced/ConditionToShowObject and/or the corresponding script function SetConditionToShowObject() is better than SetVisible(). (The object independently considers the visibility due to a condition. This is done dynamically without an explicit script command in one or more events and the associated scripts).


Example: A point "A" should not be displayed in graphics, but in graphics2 it is to be displayed.

SetVisibleInView( A, 1, false )

SetVisibleInView( A, 2, true )

Note: it is also possible that an object is not visible in all 3 graphics.

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