How to set four corner for import picture

Kurt Huang shared this question 1 year ago

in property of import picture

only can set corner1, corner2 and corner4

how to set corner3 and let the picture not be a Parallelogram ?

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A picture is (standard) inserted as a rectangle. The two points below in fact define the size of the whole picture. A third point (corner 4) only serves to change the ratio width/height of the rectangle and eventually the possibility to insert the picture as a parallellogram. You don't need a forth point since the size and eventually the ratio width/height (or the parallellogram) is now already defined.

So if you just use two points (the points below) the result won't ever be a parallellogram, The shape will be preserved and you can adjust the size perfectly with two points. Just use an extra point if you want to change the shape or to make a parallellogram out of it.

And to end: if you use three points that can be dragged in the graphics but you want to prevent the picture to become a parallellogram, define the fouth corner not as a free point but as a point on a perpendicular to the line between the 1st and the 2nd.


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