How to select specific layer object when multiple object overlap?

Math123 shared this question 2 years ago

It is difficult to select specific objects having different layers and size . How to select layer 2 when layer 1 is within this area.

Also move the graphics view with no object in the area of object. Many times adjustment needed in closer look so the area of object is there . the whole object is moved.

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You can select the objects in Algebra view, or display them by Layer in Algebra View and select them from there.

To display objects by layer, open the menu, select Settings, then the Algebra view icon on the right bar. It’s the bottom icon. A menu allows you to select how to display objects in Algebra View.

Maybe also the HideLayer command can be useful


Hello Simona Riva,

Is there any way to select different layers without hiding them . because if i hide the object of layer 1, i am not able to adjust the layer 2 object on layer 1 object due to hide.

But i found one solution i adjust this by dragging point not by image.

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