How to remove "scriptsize" environment in tikz/pgf export

furfur233 shared this question 3 years ago

Whenever I try to export a geogebra 5 graphic as tikz/pgf it automatically creates a scriptsize environment in the code. I don't need that, and it's not very cool to remove it manually from the code everytime I add a new geometry figure in latex.

For example, this is one of the codes generated:

\begin{tikzpicture}[line cap=round,line join=round,>=triangle 45,x=1.0cm,y=1.0cm]
\clip(-7.797113199291008,-2.7821431483856838) rectangle (7.411343698333409,10.488734811826522);
\draw [line width=0.4pt] (-0.2,3.42) circle (2.039134843361252cm);
\draw [line width=0.4pt] (-2.081272620801575,2.633308042730642)-- (-1.32313913063592,5.121948707406985);
\draw [line width=0.4pt] (-1.32313913063592,5.121948707406985)-- (1.6903453726812345,2.655365916668265);
\draw [line width=0.4pt] (1.6903453726812345,2.655365916668265)-- (-2.081272620801575,2.633308042730642);
\draw [line width=0.4pt] (-0.2,3.42)-- (-0.19546362406017015,2.644336979699454);
\draw [line width=0.4pt] (-1.32313913063592,5.121948707406985)-- (-0.5707456788567885,2.642142185775451);
\draw [fill=black] (-0.2,3.42) circle (1.5pt);
\draw[color=black] (-0.09293028148531265,3.6380092831190614) node {$O$};
\draw [fill=black] (-1.32313913063592,5.121948707406985) circle (1.5pt);
\draw[color=black] (-1.4000271837078357,5.406434503773063) node {$B$};
\draw [fill=black] (-2.081272620801575,2.633308042730642) circle (1.5pt);
\draw[color=black] (-2.3688166524139413,2.5000660976547473) node {$A$};
\draw [fill=black] (1.6903453726812345,2.655365916668265) circle (1.5pt);
\draw[color=black] (1.844648655926898,2.6077093719554254) node {$C$};
\draw [fill=black] (-0.19546362406017015,2.644336979699454) circle (1.5pt);
\draw[color=black] (-0.13906311332846052,2.4078004339684513) node {$N$};
\draw [fill=black] (-0.5707456788567885,2.642142185775451) circle (1.5pt);
\draw[color=black] (-0.6003914317599393,2.3924228233540688) node {$D$};
I wanna get rid of that scriptsize, as it is generated by geogebra, not tikz. However, I can't find the option anywhere in the settings / options of geogebra 5. I don't want to update to geogebra 6 or anything because I prefer geogebra 5's style. Thank you!

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Sorry, we are very unlikely to change that

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