How to properly "share" ownership of materials in a group

Nick Chura shared this question 6 years ago
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I am in a GeoGebra group with a total of three members. We are all creating materials for a project, and some questions about the structure and function of GeoGebra groups have come up.

If a group member creates materials and "shares" it to the group, it seems that just "opens a window" to let other group members see and download what has been created -- and the material is still "owned" by its original author (delete rights, etc.). If another group member downloads, edits and then shares the file, then the shared file is to a new version, which is then owned by the editing author (and has its own embed link).

We want to use embed links for files, and having several different versions floating around (original, edit 1, edit 2, etc.), each with their own embed links, is not ideal.

Question: Is there a way to structure a group so that materials are shared, editable by all, and where no new versions are created by individual members? Can I post something to Geogebratube and have another group member edit that instance of the file? [We would, of course, agree to then update the file in our shared Github repo.]

Essentially, we don't want three different Geogebratube accounts hosting and liable for different parts of the overall project.

Thanks for your help!

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Any ideas?


The easiest possibility is to use one common account.


What if you want 3 students working on the same file, created by a teacher?

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