How to plot a non-function, like previous versions of Geogebra

FaustoMoraes shared this question 3 years ago

Dear fellow Geogebra users,

In previous versions I could type "sqrt(x)", I could plot the ±sqrt(x) parabola. Then, to turn it to a function I would restrict the co-domain.

So, now I was studying some contents, I went to Geogebra to visualize some graphs, typed "sqrt(x)" and for my surprise, the co-domain was automatically restricted.

The thing is, for showing my students what is a function, for better meaning construction, I need precisely to show what ISN'T a function and how to MAKE that non-function, a function.

Is there any way to deactivate this automatic restriction?

Thank you so much.

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You can graph y^2=x and it will plot the whole equation above and below the x-axis.


Strangely I tried something like this before, but Geogebra would alert that I had to express everything in function of x. Tried again right now and worked. Thank you.

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