How to open local ggb files (Android)?

teldiras shared this question 7 years ago

When I save projects I did on the tablet and Im offline they are saved in the geogebra folder (giving them the prefix "file_" followed by an incrementing integer) and another file with the prefix "meta" is saved in the geogebra/meta folder. None of these can be opened via the file manager BTW. It always says "open file failed".

On the desktop, files are seemingly saved in just one piece and no prefix is added to its name. Unfortunately when I copy them to the geogebra folder on the tablet and I want to open them in Geogebra they are not shown, obviously due to the missing meta file that contains info about the file and the thumbnail binary needed for the open function of the tablet version.

Is there some way to create this meta file on the desktop version? Or is there an export function for this?

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Cant find a way in the desktop version to save projects on GeoGebraTube like I can with the table version. I can open from GGT but not save there.


Ok, I found that I can export to GGT, I just found the name of the function a bit misleading "dynamic worksheet as website (html)". Then from there I can download it to my tablet, to offfline, and then save locally.

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