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How to multipy two complex numbers?

Grobe shared this question 5 years ago


Haven't being used Geogebra for a while now, and version 6 is pretty different compared to what I was used to. So I'm stuck with a very basic problem about the input method.

Here is what I got - take you on a "little tour" to avoid mistakes:

  • Starting with an empty document.
  • Inserting two complex numbers - using GUI, they're named Z1 and Z2 (I assume there is an underscore so that the actual names is Z_1 and Z_2 - like it was in previously versions).
  • In the input field I enter the following (excactly): Z_3{arrow-right}=Z_1{arrow-right}*Z_2{arrow-right}{Enter}.

But that just gives an error:

Please check your input:

Undefined variable


So I'm stucked - I see the input field for version 6 format the input text, so that I have no control over the actual names.

Is there a setting that make the input behaves more like earlier version of Geogebra? Like no formatting of text.


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i typed complex coordinates, creating two complex numbers, automatically named z_1 and z_2 (not wit capitals letters).

If I want to multuply, as you said, you have to use the arrow key to get out out the underscore. This didn't give any problems, even without using the brackets for the index.

I typed: 3 + 2i creating z_1 ; 5 - 4i creating z_2; an finally z_1 (arrow right) * z_2 Enter which gave me z_3.

And of course not using the arrow key didn't gave me the answer. Did you try the small letters instead of capitals?




Thank you - I didn't realize small capital z.

Problem solved

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