How to make graphics always with same size?

Simeon shared this question 3 years ago

What I am doing. I am plotting function like y=2x+1 or something like that. Then I am exporting the picture as .pdf and then I crop it in pdfresizer online ,to get only the important part. Example of cropped picture in my page. Why I am not zooming it? Because the font is getting smaller and when I place it in my A5 page it's not possible to read the numbers..

Because I am writing a book I need always the same size of plot font, numbers and etc. Now I am trying to remember the zoom and crop ratio in geogebra and try to make the plots close to each other which is hard.

Is there anyway to unificate the zoom and the plot size for easier exporting and cropping?

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select graphics standar view (ctrl+M in windows). you can move it but not zoom it

if you want zoom you must do same zoomin or zoomout ever. do not use mouse for zoom, use the comands zoomin() or zoomout()

create two points named Export_1 and Export_2 for rectangle to exporting. Hide these points if you do not want to see them


Also try Options -> Font Size to make the axes labels larger

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